Diy Wax seal kits & Pre-made seals


Want to add just the right amount of pretty to your wedding invitation? Add a semi-custom or custom wax seal!

DIY with our wax seal stamp kit (with your choice of brass stamp and quantity of sealing sticks) or our pre-made peel-and-stick seals; already poured, stamped, and ready to be put on your wedding invitation or envelope!

We currently offer 6 colors of wax: Brilliant Gold, Silver, Copper Penny, White, Black, and Metallic Navy. We will be adding more colors soon, like Antique Bronze, Pearl, Rose Gold, and Blush. If there is a color that you’d like to order, shoot us a message! We’d love to get you a custom color.

Semi-custom stamps are available in our kits, as well as the ability to order a totally new, custom design just for your wedding! New designs will be added and don’t hesitate to shoot us an email about a design idea.

Interested in Anthology Print’s wax seals?

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Envelopes are ordered as a separate item and are available in bundles of 25. This way, this gives you more flexibility so that you can order a specific quantity without paying for extra envelopes you don’t need or wont use.

You can also add custom envelope liners and return address printing on the envelope (front or back).

Check out envelope pricing and envelope printing:


Like what you see? Ready to get started? Click the link below to send us a detailed description of what you’d like to see as your wedding invitation! If you like this design you can ask for it by including the name of the couple on the design!