Hi! I’d love to order wedding invitations! How do I start?

Sweet! There are two ways to design and print through Anthology Print: you can set up a design appointment to meet in person at our studio OR design online! Either works relatively the same way and are sooo easy!

  1. Studio appointment: If you are in the East Idaho area, we are at the studio by appointment (although we get projects and orders done in the in-between times). An appointment can be booked on our website HERE. We highly recommend booking on our app as you can see all the times available and make your booking before someone else does!

  2. Design Online: If you don’t live in the area, don’t stress! In order to start the design process with us, fill out the form HERE and email us your photos (if you want to use photos!) Our talented designer Bryan will be able to get a custom design sent to you inbox in 12-24 hours and will be able to work with you in that way to reach the perfect design for you! If you are interested in specialty luxe items, such as wax seals, metallic foil, envelope liners, etc. let us know! we’d be happy to accommodate that request!

I already have my own design- can I just print though you?

Yes! We’d love to print your wedding invitations for you. We think our pricing and paper options are amazing and for those that love to design and have a print ready file, we can print with out a design charge! To check out our printing specifications, click HERE.

Do you offer envelope printing?

We offer return address printing and can be custom designed for your overall wedding.

Are envelopes included?

Envelopes are not included in the wedding invitation pricing. We noticed very early on that most couples were not sending out all of their wedding invitations through the mail and some wanted to source their own envelopes. Some other wedding invitation companies include their envelopes for ‘free’ but their overall cost of invitations is much higher to account for the cost of including the envelopes.

Do you have pre-made packages?

We do not currently offer any pre-made packages, but you can build a collection that fits your budget and your needs with our affordable pricing.

Do you have samples that I can take?

We do! We offer samples at all the bridal fairs that we go to as well as online in a request form HERE and at our studio! For those of you requesting one online, we have put together a packet of all our paper stocks (matte, glossy, and satin) as well as a sample of our foil invites, folding invite, and insert cards. If you book an information appointment or stop by the studio when we happen to be in, you can put together your own by looking through our sample rack! It’s filled with a variety of new and old designs and are there for you to take home.

I don’t have my photos yet! Can I start designing before I get them?

We recommend waiting until you’ve had a chance to look through and choose your favorites before booking an appointment or starting your design online. The process goes faster and smoother when you’ve decided which photo to use and the design will be more harmonious if we know what colors to work with (which are often based on the dominant colors in your photos!) If you are wanting just one photo on the back of your invite and just need to plug it in when you get them back from your photographer, we’d be happy to start designing if you need.

What is your turn-around time?

We have a few factors to consider:

Design time: It all depends on how much design you’d like to do on the invitations and how complex and unique the design. If you see a design on our website that you’d like to use, we can get it done quickly, usually in about 2-3 revisions. If you are wanting to do something more custom and unique, it may take slightly longer to design, with more revisions. Also, the more prepared you are with your information, dates, addresses, photos, etc. the quicker it will go. On average, most couples have a total of 1.5 hours of design time, over a day or two of approval emails.

Print time: When we get an approval for print, we send it off to the printers! From there it takes 5-7 business days to print and ship to our studio for pick up. If you are ordering online, the time is 5-9 business days, depending on where you are located. Rush shipping is available at an additional cost- if you are in a crunch, call us at 208-206-3504 or email us to talk about shipping options.

What is your Luxe line?

We are excited to start offering more luxe and unique designs and add-ons for our couples! If you are interested in metallic foil (gold, rose gold, copper, and silver) we can design a custom plate for an additional cost. We are also starting to offer custom wax seals (either as a DIY kit or a premade peel-and-stick seal) and envelope liners, custom designed to fit your overall design. If you are interested in any of these items or have any ideas of your own, let us know! We’d love to work with you to design the perfect wedding invitation suite!

Do you design in other languages?

We have designed in multiple languages, and can put whatever wording (in the language of your choice!) in your wedding invitation. Our designer, Bryan, speaks fluent Spanish and can help if there are any questions. We’ve designed invitations that have gone all over the world, in multiple languages.

Do you handle the assembly and mailing for me?

We do not currently offer assembly and mailing, but do offer return address printing.

I’m a designer and want to print my wedding invitations through you guys! How does that work?

We love printing already designed invitations because we love our paper finishes! We offer a designer program for those that are designing multiple couples’ orders throughout the year. Contact us for more info on that! We’d love to work with you!