Custom Insert cards


What is an insert card?

An insert card can be any additional card that you send out with your wedding invitations. Usually, we design cards for ceremonies, dinners/luncheons, RSVP postcards, registry information, Maps to your reception location, and more! Whenever you want to send one group of wedding guests specific information, you can include an insert. For example, if you only want close friends and family to come to an intimate dinner and the rest of your wedding guests to come to the dancing/reception portion of the evening, you can design a specific card for the dinner and only send it out to those guests.

Interested in Anthology Print’s insert cards?

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RSVP cards are considered an insert and are typically 4x6 in size. They require only $0.35 to ship making it an economical way to get responses from your guests. You could even sign up for a free wedding website and sending guests to RSVP there, saving you even more money!

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Like what you see? Ready to get started? Click the link below to send us a detailed description of what you’d like to see as your wedding invitation! Be sure to check out our designs for inspiration or bring in your own so we can design a totally custom wedding invitation just for you!