Custom Foil & Letterpress


What is foil?

Metallic Gold, Rose Gold, or Silver foil requires a process of heat and pressure to stamp a metallic foil onto card stock. It is a beautiful result; shiny & eye catching. This is a great option for those that want to add a little more luxe to their wedding invitation suite. With a custom designed foil stamp, you can design names and/or line elements that will leave a metallic imprint. Because you need a custom-made plate to make the impression, foil is charged as an additional cost per invitation. A plate is $50 (per design) plus an additional $0.50 per card.

Interested in adding foil to your design?

Request it on your order form!


What is Letterpress?

Letterpress is a beautiful, luxe option for those wanting a classic design. Letterpress requires a plate that is inked then pressed into thick, cottony paper leaving a beautiful impression behind. Parts of the design can be made “blind” meaning it uses no ink and resembles an embossing. A custom plate is $50 with an additional charge per ink and paper print done. To do multiple ink colors, an additional plate must be made. To request your custom letterpress wedding suite, fill out our order form!