Tips for tackling your Thank You cards

Thank You cards

With everything that goes on with your wedding, honeymoon, and gifts, thank you cards are one of the last things on your mind. It doesn't have to be a stress- here are a few tips on how to tackle your thank you cards!


Tip 1: When opening your wedding gifts, keep a list of every item and who it came from.

It may be a bit obvious, but if you start right, you set you and your fiance up for success. (cheesy, am I right?!) But seriously, you'll probably hear it from relatives and your mom, but keeping a great list of items and the gifters will save you a stress headache down the road when you start writing your Thank You cards out.


Tip 2: Keep it simple

When I wrote out my thank you cards from my wedding, I thought it needed to be this long, thought out message (mostly because there was soooo much white space to fill up!) Nobody really expects a crazy long thank you for a toaster they got you on your registry. Just thank the guest for the gift and sign your names. You can tell your gifters a more personal thank you, ala "Oh yes, Thank You Mr. & Mrs Jones! Your toaster was such a thoughtful gift!" Easy peasy.


Tip 3: Personalize

Skip the generic cards and customize a Thank You postcard (Yay! No envelope!) Pick out one of your favorite wedding photos.


Thank You cards
Kim Clawson