Tips for Snowy Engagement Photos: Rock your photos!

Winter Engagement Photo Tips

Never Fear! Wintery engagement photos make for some pretty pictures and can be crazy amounts of fun too... as long as you take a few steps to prepare for them!

We've put together a few tips to help you plan for you snowy engagement session so you can have a great experience and get some gorgeous photos!


#1 Wear appropriate clothes.

Now is not the time to be showing off your 6 inch heels. Not only would it be completely hazardous (I'm a total klutz, so that's a true statement!) but it would look very out of place! It's obvious when I say that you're going to want to dress warm, but dress with your surroundings in mind.

Does your photographer want to take you to a mountain overlook? How about a cozy cabin? Or an ice skating rink? Think about where you are going and what you'll possibly be doing there. Many of you will, at this point, be thinking: "Well, duh. We'll be taking pictures." The best photos of you and your fiance will be when you are interacting with each other and your surroundings comfortably. Be mindful before hand on what shoes will work best in the terrain, maybe pick up a new sweater or peacoat, or layer on an extra pair of socks.

Also, bring back up clothes. You are most likely planning on a change of clothes or two, but sometimes plans change and you might want to wear an outfit you hadn't planned on wearing. It's better to have more options and your photographer can help weigh in on what they think is the best option for the location and lighting.

Winter Engagement Photos
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#2 Have blankets and hand warmers ready

In between shots, or moving to a new location, shake up some hand warmers and stick them in your pockets. Warm up with blankets and blast that heater. Warming up in between locations will help keep your energy level up and gives you a chance to cozy up with your fiance!


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Winter Engagement Photography Tips

#3 Be adventurous!

Embrace the season! Even if you're not a winter person, your photographer can help you get the shots that will stun your family and friends. SO get out there and have fun with your fiance! Throw snowballs. Shoot in a snowstorm (falling snow is ah-mazing in photos!) Dance. Laugh. Move. Cuddle. Play a mini get-to-know-you game with your fiance: When did you know I was the one? Tell me a joke. What is your favorite movie?


I hope these few tips help to prepare you for your wintery engagement session! It's going to be amazing!